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My name is Justin and I am a 200hr YTT certified yoga instructor. Teaching yoga was never a plan I had, but after taking a teacher training to deepen my own practice and knowledge, I felt drawn to share with others the magic that can happen with a consistent yoga practice. 

In 2016 I discovered yoga through the YMCA in Washington state, and was fortunate to have had several wonderful teachers.  After the first class I was hooked.  The sensations of peace afterwards were blissful.  And it was exciting to watch my body open and strengthen over time.  After moving to California I was exposed to numerous incredible teachers who embraced the philosophies behind yoga, and I immersed myself in the practice and the knowledge my teachers shared.  The practice of yoga has taught me about myself, and given me tools to move through this world in a way that allows me to fully experience while maintaining my own truth and integrity.  Not to mention yoga has helped me move through traumatic and emotionally charged times...I am a father of four, and my two sons have experienced significant trauma before we adopted them; yoga has given me a way to approach them with compassion and understanding, to have an awareness and acceptance of my own human imperfections, and move through grief to find contentment and show up for others.

It is my hope to facilitate others to connect with themselves on a deeper level through the practice of yoga.  To fall in love with yoga and, more importantly, with themselves.  To be the change we wish to see in the world.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti!

Peace, peace, peace!

Justin Craft

Yoga Instructor



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